Right now I am lying on the floor on my yoga mat, procrastinating on exercising and I am writing a blogpost about goals and how I want to achieve them. You can clearly see the irony, right? But whatever, I am going to workout after I finished writing this blogpost.

So this is the first post on this blog and I kind of want to introduce myself and say what I want to be doing here, mostly so that I get a plan, but if you want to know more about it keep on reading. I am now in grade twelve and I have been learning English since grade six, which is kind of a pretty long time (about 6,5 years to be exact) and since a few years I feel like I am not really improving anymore. I mean, my English is not that bad, my reading and listening skills (Netflix and chill in English is really helping here :P) are kind of good but when I should ‘produce’ something in English I feel very insecure, and by the term ‘produce’ I mean speaking or writing. And I feel like it has been this way since forever now. I don’t know but I think it’s called intermediate plateau or something, correct me if I’m wrong. That is basically why I started this blog. I want to become a better English writer. To achieve that, I clearly needed a blog because, well, I am a digital native. Just kidding, the main reason is that I feel like a blog would motivate me to actually put in the time to write something in English. If you wonder what the topic of the texts will be, my answer is: I seriously don’t know. I’ll probably write about whatever comes to my mind.

CC-BY Daniel Friedman

But as you probably noticed in the first sentence, I am an extremely lazy person :roll:, so I need some rules but not to much, because that would overwhelm me and then I would not do anything at all… to stop babbling around: my goal is to post once a week. And I am not setting myself any more rules here, that’s it. I think that is actually super manageable and to be honest it sounds really fun right now.

I guess that was it for my first post. I am hereby ending this entry with an absolutely deep and inspiring quote I picked (basically one of my old WhatsApp statuses because they are always super deep):

once everybody starts looking at one another as a brother, a sister, a human being, beauty will spread like wildfire ~ Oh Wonder – All We Do

Stay positive,

Aaron ⭐

Image: CC-BY Daniel Friedman


7 thoughts on “Goals

  1. First, your written English is not bad at all. You do make some mistakes sometimes (just like I do, too), but it’s not really anything significant. One that I noticed, in another blog is using “tense” when you intended “tension”. If I notice some mistakes, I will tell you. Anyway, you have a nice style in writing, and if you want to improve your English writing blog is a great thing to do. You could also try to read more in English, and maybe, you might want to join some forum that deals with topics you’re interested in. At some point forums helped me a lot with my English.


      1. You’re welcome! My mother tongue is Serbian. OK, I can’t promise that I’ll detect all errors, but if something catches my eye, I’ll tell you. Regarding forums, I was active on some boards about weather and meteorology, also about architecture and buildings (like Skyscraper City), and some about fitness and bodybuilding. 🙂 You can also find a lot of interesting subforums on Reddit.

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  2. And if you like movies there’s always lots of discussion on imdb.com so you can participate there as well, and language is more general, not so technical.

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