What is love?

What is love? A question I thought about a lot. Are love and sex inseparable? Do I want a partner and what are my needs and desires in a relationship? Is the concept of monogamy working for me and what role plays my gender identity and the one of my potential partner?

CC-BY Keith Trice

I know that all of those questions can’t really be answered with a definite ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but I think those are some important questions (among others) to think about. Furthermore I don’t think I will ever find the right answers to those questions, I will always have to ask them to myself because I want to have a fulfilled love-life and in order to get there I have to have an idea about what I want for myself and how I want to exist in relation to others.

And I don’t want to answer these questions in this post, because they are way too personal but when I am thinking about love, sex and relationships, basically the questions above, I sometimes get so caught up in my thoughts that I need somebody else’s view on the topic and when I don’t have a friend to talk to at that moment I like to watch tv series, listen o music or read books which let me see how others deal with the difficulties of being lonely, love and basically kind of give an idea of what it means to be human. So I want to show you some of my favorites.

  • Transparent

The main character of the beautiful series Transparent is a family (grand-)father, probably in his sixties, who comes out as trans and lives as a woman from that point on. The series explores her history and the family history but also the development of the characters like her ex-wife and children. I love the title of the series because of its ambiguity: it can be read as trans parent, which means a parent that is transgender or as transparent, something you can look through. And I think even though the series is often seen as a series about a trans-woman, I think it is much more about the journey of all characters to a more transparent, authentic way of living. You definitely have to give this show a try! It’s available on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Hit My Heart – BOY

I love this band in general and this song especially, because it questions the meaning of love and relationships in a digitized world. And I think in the age of online-dating that probably is quite an important question. You should check out the band! (My favorites: Hit My Heart, Fear)

  • Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder is one of my favorite bands and many songs of them are exploring the topic of human relationships, whether with friends or partners. And I absolutely love their music, because it shows you that being vulnerable is not a bad thing, that we are all flawed and that love probably is the act of accepting each others flaws and weaknesses. My favs of them are White Blood, Body Gold, Livewire,… okay, I literally love all songs of them 🙂


Well, I think that’s it for today, I hope my thoughts about this topic weren’t too boring and that the songs and series I mentioned are fun and thought-provoking.

Have a good day,

Aaron ⭐





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