“Siri, I love you”

Many people think that AI will change the world. How would the probable AI revolution change how we work, live and love? Some of my thoughts on the topic.

Scene from the movie ‘her

None of my thoughts on this topic are definite, I just find the topic very mesmerizing and I want to show you what I think about it at the moment.

Let’s focus on the effect of AI on the workplace. I think AI will change our perception of work forever. Machines will be able to do a lot of jobs that now only humans are able to do even better than humans. A basic example would be driving a car. A lot of people work behind a wheel but autonomous cars get better and better. All those jobs will probably not longer be done by humans sooner or later. Very systematic jobs that mostly do require humans at the moment will become obsolete too, secretaries, news journalists that write short update stories, tax consultants and more. All of those jobs are already done by computers in small extends, but once the programs will get better, a lot of those jobs will no longer be available to humans. And even relatively creative jobs may become less needed. Imagine  AIs that are better than DJ’s, create new songs or paint extremely pleasing paintings. And all of those things are already happening, even if those projects are just in their beta phase.

I think which jobs will be more valuable are the ones that are deeply human. Like psychologists, authors, artists or journalists that write comments which include their opinion and point of view. Jobs which can be done much better when knowing how it feels to be human. A computer maybe wouldn’t be able to understand what troubles humans and as a consequence, it wouldn’t be able to express those feelings in a book or something similar.

But you probably realized that not everyone could do a job like that because the work market just doesn’t offer that huge amount of jobs of that type. But because people who work in those jobs need to have an a lot better education and because there will be less who work and more who pay, the people who do have a job will earn more. Which will then increase the payment inequality in the population, which then would probably lead to social tenses and conflicts.

So the question how we manage our economy in an AI driven world is of huge importance. I think that a basic income would be a pretty good solution for that problem. The people who earn more that 1000€ pay taxes and the people who earn less than 1000€ get money. By that, the people who don’t earn that much will still have money to keep the economy going. And I’m not sure if this would be a finale solution but it would help to soften the change between our current economy and an AI driven economy.

But on the other hand, it is also possible that there won’t be such a thing like an enormous AI revolution. Every time a new technology comes up people fear that it will make the human obsolete in the economy but that has never really been true. Just yesterday I was watching the movie Hidden Figures and some of the calculators (humans) thought, that a computer (a huge IBM computer without a screen) would replace them but that did not happen, they just learned how to work with computers and had different, more important jobs. So a rise of AI could hopefully lead to an economy in which people work in more meaningful, important jobs.

For the question of AI will change the way we love, let’s assume that AI’s will be capable of having feelings and a conscience at some point on the future. If that was the case, AI would change everything, because then we humans would have another “species”(?) to collaborate and communicate with, which isn’t the case now. We are the only highly intelligent species we know. But the question what would happen if computers would be capable of feelings and emotions just leaves me clueless…. would we have relationships with them (like in the amazing movie ‘her’)? Would they destroy or enslave the human race for their benefit (like the movie “Ex Machina” proposes)?

To sum it up, the question of how AI will change our society is pretty difficult to answer but we should all start pondering about it, because the future is coming. The question is if we are ready or not.

Let’s hope for the best,

Aaron ⭐






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