Lush Life

Hey there 🙂

Today, I want to write a blogpost responding to the daily writing prompt Lush.

What is my definition of a lush life, what do I think is needed to be happy and feel like everything one needs is there?

I think way too many people nowadays (that has probably been the case since the dawn of time but hey, I am relatively young so I can just tell you about nowadays) think that a lush and happy life is one full of ‘fast fun’. And by ‘fast fun’ I mean the kind of stuff that makes you happy shallowly but deep down you are still as empty as before. Take consumption and materialism for example. We go shopping and buy a lot of clothes, way too many clothes to be accurate. And then we never wear half of them because we are too thin, too fat, too average, too this, too that. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand it and I do it too, but I just feel kind of bad about it. It’s bad for the environment and my wallet and it just does not make me happy at all. At the end of a fun shopping day I still lay in bed, alone, staring at my ceiling. Or let’s take alcohol. Sometimes when I’m out partying with friends and everybody around me is just so damn drunk I just pity the human race. How can we be designed that bad we literally need to poison ourselves in order to not feel pain anymore or to have fun. And at the end, getting black out drunk doesn’t help at all. It makes the problems even bigger and is bad for our health. And once again: I do it too. I am guilty of strange human behavior.

CC-BY-SA Kris Krüg


And the older I get (ha! That sounds like I am (really) old and wise, but I am only 18) the more I realize that all of that bullshit doesn’t make me happy and fulfilled. I’m starting to realize that this is not the true definition of a lush life.

I think a lush life is a life full of people who are accepting and caring. People who can cry on your shoulder and on whose shoulder you can cry. A life full of love. Not only friends who you love and who love you but also real love, you know?

To be honest, at this point of the post I am pretty down. I don’t think I was ever truly in love. I just want to know what it means to be in love, sometimes I fear that I am not even able to feel love. Well, I’ll just keep looking for the one and hopefully I’ll find someone soon. Wish me luck.

CC-BY-SA Groman123

And all of this sounds so boring and obvious, like it isn’t even worth writing about but I thought whatever. Becoming happy and thinking about stuff like that is a major part of my life at the moment and it is nice to get these thoughts on ‘paper’. I just hope my life will get a little bit lusher once I found real love (even though I know that happiness should not rely on others but should come from within).


I hope you liked my post about my (completely out of order) thoughts about what a lush life is.

Have fun,

Aaron ⭐

PS: As always, I would really appreciate it if you corrected my mistakes in the comments! Thanks 🙂

Another post about my thoughts on love is here.


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