Winter walk

Today was a weird day. It was kind of bad, I felt kind of unhappy, I just lied around a lot, but on the other hand it was kind of relaxed and nice too, I only had school for two hours, I watched a nice TV series and I actually cleaned my room (which normally never happens).

A little 360° photo I took on my walk:

And I took a little walk in the very wintry weather. And wintry isn’t meant in a bad way here. I somehow love it when dark, heavy clouds crawl over the mountains. It maybe gives me a reason for my melancholy and it makes me feel smaller and more calm. I don’t know why. So as I was walking and watching that lovely weather I wanted to take a picture on my DSLR, which I took with me in case I wanted to shoot some photos. But sure. I forgot my SD card. But that did not make me angry or anything, I just thought, well maybe it isn’t meant to be, maybe the universe does not want me to take pictures today (guess what universe, I took some with my phone, ha!).

another picture I took on the walk

It was a really fun little walk, I discovered a new path which stopped suddenly so I decided to walk into the forest and then I actually saw two deers! It was quite cool!

That’s it from this very short post, but I hope you still liked it! Another, longer post is definitely coming later this week 🙂

Aaron ⭐



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