Why I want to be more minimalistic and some ideas

We live in a world, where every screen, every newspaper, every wall is full of advertisements showing people that are wearing new sneakers or eating some new candy or using the new iPhone and they all look like they are at their happiest. Like the sole presence of this or that product made them happy. We are taught by the advertisement business that consumption equals happiness, and more consumption equals more happiness.

But let me tell you something that all of you already know: That equation is wrong, consumption does not equal happiness. The problem is not that we do not know that, but that we are tricked into thinking it over and over again because well, we are human, and we all want to be happy. So when ads and commercials give us an easy option to achieve happiness, we go for it, even though we know that in the end, buying a new car does not make us happy.


No gurl. (via GIPHY)

Furthermore, throwing out all your money at Primark for a huge shopping bag full of 5$ shoes won’t just leave you unhappy in the long run, it destroys our planet and the lives of millions of people at the same time. We do not only have to live with less money and the same amount of unhappiness, we also have to live with the guilt of overusing natural resources and abusing animal and human rights.

All of that led me to minimalism. For me, minimalism means not buying new shoes every second month but buying better shoes once or not eating a twenty burgers at McDonald’s but maybe eating a nice little veggie wrap in a bakery around the corner. With stuff like that, you can become more happy and more sustainable. And no, you don’t have to have all of the newest clothes to look en vogue, in fact, you don’t even have to look en vogue at all, because who cares?


Some of the things I do/want to do, to become a little bit more minimalistic, happy and green:

  • Eating healthier: eating more veggies and less animal products is not only good for you, but also for the planet, so go for it! Less but better, more natural ingredients.
  • I want to quit buying a lot of cheap clothes I find okay and buy a medium amount of fair trade/organic clothes that are great and that are more durable and timeless. Less shopping stress and less emissions and bad working conditions! A win-win situation.
  • Try secondhand: Yes, I am not a huge fan of second hand other than some second hand apps, but I want to give it another shot, so that I can give some otherwise useless clothes a new purpose.
  • Plastic is for losers: I want reduce the amount of plastic trash I leave behind by using reusable bottles and cool reusable bags

I know, those are super basic ideas and stuff, but I don’t think that it is that easy to incorporate them into your/my everyday life sometimes, so I think those are some good ideas to start being a little bit more minimalistic.

To end this post, I want to give myself and you one important rule: don’t overdo it. That won’t bring you forward at all, believe me. Every little step counts.


Aaron ⭐

PS: This post is a response to the daily writing post Minimal.


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